New Decemberists, “Down By the Water”

The band’s new album will be out January 11th, titled The King is Dead. According to the band it will be more folky, with heavy influences from R.E.M.  “Down by the Water” features Gillian Welch on backing vocals and Peter Buck on 12 string.  Actually, R.E.M.’s Peter Buck appears on something like eight out of the ten tracks.

Given the americana-esque nature of this track, many Decemberists fans might breath a sigh of relief at the thought of the band going back to what it does best (rather than rock operas and prog rock).  I just like that the band doesn’t seem to pigeonhole themselves.

Mp3: The Decemberists – “Down By The Water”

The King Is Dead is out 1/18. Most of the following tracklist have been played live during the past year or so, which means it won’t be too difficult to dig up some YouTubage:

01 “Don’t Carry It All”
02 “Calamity Song”
03 “Rise To Me”
04 “Rox In The Box”
05 “January Hymn”
06 “Down By The Water”
07 “All Arise!”
08 “June Hymn”
09 “This Is Why We Fight”
10 “Dear Avery”

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