New Mason Jennings, “Dakota”

The Minnesota troubadour’s new album, The Flood, comes out November 16th on his own label Stats and Brackets.

“I actually didn’t even know that we were making a video during the filming of this, which is what I love about it,” Mason Jennings tells Spinner. “My friend Dan just had a bunch of little cameras rolling during the two days we were recording the album ‘The Flood.’ This video was put together afterwards from the footage. The other guy in the video is my friend Sam Farrar. He engineered the album.”

The song is a curious one to release as a first single as it harkens back to his older material — good hooks, an emotional twang, etc.  It’s almost as if the single is designed, not to rope in new fans, but to please his longtime fan base.  Regardless, it sounds great.  According to Mason, “The Flood is a collection of unreleased songs that I re-recorded last March. It is just guitar and vocals (with bass on one song). It was really fun looking through all my old tapes and finding these, some I hadn’t thought about for years.”  Sounds like a similar effort to his non-LP LP

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