New Weezer, “Memories”

The farther and farther Weezer travel from the memory of The Blue Album and Pinkerton‘s awesome-osity, the more more I realize that Rivers Cuomo and I are like the two lovers with nothing to talk about over dinner.

The band has signed to Epitaph Records to release, Hurley, their eighth studio record and third in the last two years. The new album, which has nothing to do with the character played by Jorge Garcia(see below) from Lost, arrives on September 14th.  And here’s where I say, holy shit, their eighth studio record?  I can only, in all honesty, shower love on the first two records and maybe if I’m drunk enough I can find love in my heart for the next three (Maladroit, The Green Album and Make Believe). [via]

Fuckin’ With My Head

Apparently, the record has everything to do with Jorge Garcia from ABC’s Lost. See cover art over yonder and Sayeth Cuomo:

We struggled super hard trying to come up with an album title, trying to find some kind of phrase that summed up the whole aesthetic behind the album: ‘Heavy Mental,’ ‘Smaller Than Life.’ I was coming up with all kinds of stuff, but ultimately, we just went with some random word that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything. I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia — it just had this amazing vibe. We didn’t want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as ‘the Hurley record’ even if left it without that title, so we just called it ‘Hurley.’ No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face.

I don’t even know. Really. What to say. /facepalm

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