New Weezer video, “Represent”

They shot the video for this yesterday morning, which is pretty incredible to think you could do something like this in a day, kidding obviously.

From Ace Showbiz: “This time around, I was just feeling super optimistic and kind of badass after our performance in the Confederations Cup last year,” Rivers told MTV about recording a soccer song for the second time. “And especially around this player [Clint] Dempsey, who seems to have this badass attitude and ability to step up and put the ball in the back of the net, even when we’re playing against the giants. So I wrote a song, which hopefully captures some of that confidence and swagger in the face of pretty daunting odds.”

Turns out Weezer also wrote/recorded a song with Ryan Adams, which seems pretty weird, but I can get behind that collab.  Still, I’m having difficulties accepting the obvious realities that the Blue Album/Pinkerton days are far, far, far in the headlights.

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