Parenthetical Girls – “Evelyn McHale”

Portland’s Parenthetical Girls are releasing five limited-edition EPs, which will eventually be packaged together as the follow-up to the superbly under-appreciated LP Entanglements. Lead Girl, Zack Pennington, has an emotive voice that’s as dangerous as any musical instrument — bending syllables and phrases like aural origami.

On the first song off their new collection, the band is going for a more traditional pop song, trading in their orchestral baroque leanings.  “Evelyn McHale” uses the famous Empire State Building suicide as a jumping off point.

Privilege: Pt. 1 – On Death & Endearments is out 2/23 via Slender Means Society. The vinyl edition is limited to 500 copies. It’s the first of five limited-edition 12″ EPs that will eventually make up the band’s fourth album Privilege in May of 2011. [via]

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