PDX Pop Now! Finally Has a Schedule

The PDX Pop Now Music Festival is pound for pound the best music festival in the city.  It’s where young upstart bands make a name for themselves on the local scene and where local scenestars make a name for themselves on the national radar.  It’s where Menomena brought the house down last year, where Nurses and Blind Pilot and The Shakey Hands all made us take notice.

If I were a betting man I’d say this year is going to be about Typhoon, Wampire, Tu Fawning, The Parenthetical Girls and Hosannas, with Reporter potentially being the dark horse.

But mostly Typhoon.  Bejesus, their TLE release Hunger and Thirst is a spectacular album from start to finish.

The free festival takes place at Rotture, the weekend of July 30 – August 1

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