R. Kelly Going Back to the Closet

Wait, what?  How is it this this is the first time I’m hearing that R. Kelly has another 15 chapters planned for his bizarre musical hip-hopera, Trapped in the Closet.

According to the Guardian: To date, Kelly has released 22 chapters of his R&B soap opera. What started as a six-chapter series in 2005 blossomed into a twist-and-turning epic, with drugs, guns, priests and a “midget” stripper. While “incalculably bizarre”, Trapped in the Closet has even been credited with helping to “save” musical theatre. Each “episode” is a short musical, with dialogue sung over a repeated chord progression. The most recent volume was released on DVD in 2007, and another installment had been promised for the summer of 2009.”

It should also be pointed out how quickly we forget that R. Kelly (or was that his cousin J. Kelly?) peed on a 13-year-old. But Trapped in the Closet, yo.

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