Starfucker’s New Track “Julius”

It’s been quite a recent ride for Portland’s Starfucker (a band we’ve grown quite fond of).  First, they abruptly changed their name to Pyramidd on the logic that it would help keep them on an upward trajectory (and continue lock down those commercial license spots), and then they changed it back, let go of their management, signed to Polyvinyl and prepared to release some new music. 

And now, thanks to Willy Week’s Local Cut, we have a first listen at “Julius.” 

There’s a critical mass of pleasure that this band is approaching: Its live shows already feel more like raves than traditional concerts (despite the fact that Starfucker is genuinely fun to watch); and its music is, more than ever, suitable for taking drugs to. If anything, a song like “Julius” (which, suitably, can reference the Roman general or the icy drink you buy at the mall) is awkward because it seems to be a product of an awkward middle phase. Hodges has always been known for brevity in his songwriting, back to the Sexton Blake days, and it’s a concept his bandmates seem just as comfortable with. But I want this song to go on for a half an hour, like something from the Fela Kuti catalogue. I want Starfucker to blow up everything I know about music. Again.I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

No, Casey, it’s not to much to ask.  The 7″ Julius will hit the dance floors on October 12.

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