Supergrass Calls it Quits

Supergrass has been around for nearly two decades and now that they’re officially calling it quits (which isn’t much of a surprise given that singer Gaz McCombs has been doing the solo thing for a few years now), I can say for certain of the six albums they recorded, they turned out four undeniably great records. 

If you asked me in at any point during 1997-2000 who my favorite band was, Supergrass was certainly in the conversation and on the right day would have easily been the only answer. 

It’s a shame they will forever eternally live in the shadow of Blur and Oasis, when breaking down the great Brit-pop bands of the 90’s. 

Too many great songs to highlight, but SRSLY, take the time and dig into their catalogue of albums.  Start with their 1995 debut I Should Coco, continue with 2008’s Diamond Hoo Ha, and come in for the landing with In it For the Money and their self-titled album, better known as X-Ray to fans.

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