TDK’s New Boombox

TDK has designed a new boombox, a throwback to the ghetto-blasters of the 80s, for the digital age.  And man is this thing a thing of beauty.  From Cool Hunting:

The analog switches typical of old-school blasters have been swapped out for touch sensitive buttons embedded into the front of the device, similar to those found on many smart phones. While all of the information displayed is digital, it has a decidedly analog feel, even including a retro-styled EQ. Controls include a left knob for controlling the power and volume and one on the right for toggling through radio stations or adjusting the settings. Both models have USB, 3.5mm and RCA auxiliary ports to connect a huge variety of music sources. There is also a larger auxiliary port that allows you to connect a guitar or microphone in case you want to join in the music magic.

The boomboxes will be available online starting January 2011 and at retail locations in February 2011 at $399 for the two speaker version and $499 for the three speaker one (includes a subwoofer).

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