The Avett Brothers, “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise”

The Avett Brothers melted my face clear off last night.  How they bring that kind of energy every single night is beyond me, but it’s clear there is a deep connection between the band and their fans that is almost Grateful Dead-esque.  Their live shows cranks their Americana/bluegrass music up to 11 and has the kinetic energy of a punk rock show.  Impressive stuff considering they were playing to 2500 people at an outdoor venue.

Have to be honest, I was on the fence about my fandom for The Avett Brothers before last night.  I liked them, wouldn’t turn their music off if it came on my iPod but wouldn’t also really go out of my way to listen to them.  That all changed last night after seeing them play a random concert in Portland like it was the last concert they would ever play.  Consider myself an acolyte.

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