The Rolling Stones: All 22 Studio Albums

One thing is clear after watching this compilation of their studio efforts from 1964-2005, is that, perhaps, no rock band from any time had a run quite as good as their four-album run from 1968’s Beggars Banquet to Exile on Main St. in 1972 (including: Let It Bleed in 1969, Sticky Fingers in 1971).

It’s also obvious, that the band released many great singles after that, but hardly a great album.  Take that what you will.  The other thing that stands out is how consistent their sound has been over a forty year period.  For good or bad, The Rolling Stones epitomize what rock n’roll is.

A bit about the compilation from YouTube creator The Ulv: “During their Decca/London period, I chose to only feature the Decca albums and not the exclusive US albums.  I didn’t include live albums, compilation albums or EP’s.”  So there you go.

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