Two Girl Talk Things This Morning

You’ve downloaded and have been listening to Girl Talk’s All Day, since Monday morning, right?  It’s pretty awesome.

1. If you haven’t had a chance to download the album yet (for free), you can check it out at All Day Samples, which streams the albums and name checks the appropriate samples in real time.

2. Greg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, sits down with Spin Magazine for a short Q&A.

Did you worry at all about things getting stale if you were using brand new music with it?
Yeah, I take that into consideration. Sometimes, when a new pop song comes out that I really like, I’ll play with it live, but unless it’s entirely transformative, I won’t put it on the record. The stuff that is on the record, regardless of whether the song came out two weeks ago or a year ago or 20 years ago — I think it’s my best material, the most transformative music I’ve made, in terms of having the sample become its own entity.

Also, sometimes I include a song on an album or in the show that didn’t really become that big. But in the world of Girl Talk it can be a classic, if that mix was popular. For instance, Night Ripper [Girl Talk’s last album] starts off with the kick drum from Ciara’s “Goodies,” and that’s a popular song, but not a classic that floors rooms. But at a Girl Talk show, when I play that kick drum, it’s like me playing my hit. People recognize that. If the material’s good enough, if it stands on its own and is interesting, then I don’t have to worry about it being dated because, hopefully, in the fans’ eyes, these songs are all brand new as of Monday.

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