Wilco: The Coffee

Sure why not?  “The “Wilco Selects” coffee brand was personally tasted by the band’s John Stirratt and Patrick Sansone (also of the Autumn Defense) at Intelligentsia’s Cupping Lab earlier this fall. The unanimous selection is the Single Origin, Organic Ethiopia Sidama Homecho Waeno. This coffee comes from the Sidama region of Ethiopia and is grown by the Homecho Waeno co-op.”

Yes, that’s right.  Wilco, the band, now has a line of coffee in their honor thanks to Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters.  The bag of beans is now available from the band’s online store; you can place your order through November 28 as the beans will begin roasting on December 1.  I’ve often wondered what Jeff Tweedy would taste like in java form.

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