Wolf Parade Goes on Extended Hiatus

I’m not entirely surprised by this development, given the sort of generally malaise toward the Canadian group’s last two albums and the buzz surrounding their solo projects like Handsome Furs and whatever Spencer Krug has in the pipeline (that guy has so many side/solo projects it’s hard to keep track of them all).  I wouldn’t be surprised either way if we never hear from the band again, or if they melt our faces with a new album in three to five years.

From Pitchfork:

Canadian indie rock megaband Wolf Parade are about to take a break. Onstage in Toronto on Friday night, co-leader Spencer Krug said, “This is the last show we’ll play for a long time,” as Spinner reports. Other co-leader Dan Boeckner told Wolf Parade’s fan site that the band is taking an “indefinite hiatus” after “a few shows” next year. Sub Pop, Wolf Parade’s label, confirms that this is true.

Time will tell whether this will be an endless At the Drive-In-style hiatus or more of aDeerhunter one, where they’ll return to making music before much of the world notices that they’ve been away. But the members of the band have always had a ton of other projects going. Boeckner tells Spinner that Handsome Furs, his other band, will record a new album in January.

Oddly enough, I prefer Spencer Krug’s Wolf Parade songs to Boeckner’s, but when it comes to their solo stuff I find I can’t listen to Krug’s projects, but I love Boeckner’s Handsome Furs project.  Weird.

Wolf Parade’s latest album, Expo 86, is one of the year’s best and available on Amazon for $5.

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