Behinds the Scenes at the Pink Floyd Mini-Reunion

Patrick Doyle, for Rolling Stone, talks to drummer Nick Mason:

After soundcheck, the three took seats at a table in a backstage room and had a light dinner. “We were all just a little bit nervous, because it was a pre-show moment so it wasn’t that sort of totally relaxed, ‘Let’s all chat about everything.’ Since [David] hadn’t played the track in so long, he was probably worried about the technology of lifting him up on the Wall. It’s quite scary up there – I’ve been up there once and it’s a long way up.”

Next, Mason retreated to his seat on the floor of the arena, where fans greeted him enthusiastically, and watched The Wall for the first time as a spectator. “It was mind-blowingly good,” he says. “It’s a shame in a way . . . if you could turn the clock back and have access to that sort of technology, 40, 30 years ago, it would’ve been fantastic. I mean, it’s interesting because I think The Wall has been brought up to date. When you look at the stage sets and the lighting that goes on now, it so eclipses what we used to do.”

A reunion tour of some sort would be pretty sweet. It’s just a shame that they don’t need the money that forces other bands to reunite.

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