Ben Folds, “Sleazy”

There are moments when it feels like the other two members from Ben Folds Five should just kid nap their former erstwhile bandmate and make him record good music again. The further and further Folds gets away from the Five, the less his songs become enjoyable. He’s basically on the same career trajectory as Rivers Cuomo and Weezer, right? Though, Cuomo’s no going back point was Pinkerton.

Then there are moments like this, when Ben Folds covers Ke$sha’s “Sleazy” and takes something ridiculously horribly and treats it like real music and makes it even more ridiculous. I would pay $29.95 for a Ben Folds record that is just hilarious covers of terrible, terrible, pop songs. And yes, that would include an orchestra rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” as well.

Here’s a link to the original in case you’re scratching your head on this one.

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