Even Norwegian Wolves Hate Creed

A 13-year-old boy from Rakkestad, Norway, discovered that even Canis Lupus will retreat and surrender rather than subject themselves to the awful music of Creed.

According to news channel TV 2 in Norway, the boy was surrounded by a pack of four wolves on his way home from school.  Instead of running, the boy reportedly “removed his headphones and turned the volume up to maximum, at which point the wolves turned and walked away.”  And if sales of Creed’s “Overcome,” which was the song playing on the boy’s mobile phone at the time, surge because of this story, I’ll probably just go about my life like nothing is different, but I’d like to violently stab my ears with hot pokers.

How this is not an Onion story is beyond my comprehension.  [via stereogum]

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