Fanfarlo, “Replicate”

The band gave away their debut album for a $1 in 2009 and because of that I took the gamble and discovered a great new band. If you’re a fan of orchestral pop — like Sigur Ros or Arcade Fire — then Fanfarlo is right up your ally.

From the band: “Almost exactly a year ago we stopped touring and sat down to write a new record. Earlier this year we went to a remote slate quarrying town in Northern Wales to record it and now we finally have the finished result in our hands. There is so much we want to show you! It was hard to decide where to start, but we decided to start at the beginning. So here is the first song from our new album — it’s called ‘Replicate’. Over the summer there were so many visual ideas we wanted to incorporate in presenting this music to you, both on your screens and live, coming to play in your city. The first puzzle piece is this video we made in collaboration with Alex Southam.”

Like a lot of the songs off of Reservoir, this one starts slowly and builds to a grand crescendo. Stick it out for at least the first two minutes before deciding if you like it or not.

The band is embarking on a short tour through the US and you can better believe I’ll be there to see them in Boston on Oct. 25.

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