Foo Fighters Perform at Pizza Man’s Garage

As part of a competition, the Foo Fighters played an entire concert in the garage of a lucky fan. Thankfully, for us, everyone at the show was too busy recording it for posterity to actually enjoy it. If Dave Grohl and company come to my house, I’m rocking out with the cock out. Sure, I may set up a tripod and camera to capture the entire concert, but no way am I busting out my phone.

Anyways, this was the first stop of many on their garage tour. Wish more bands would do shit like this. Especially big bands like the Foo Fighters.

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  • Stan Sikorski April 19, 2011, 6:19 pm

    That's the coolest! Dave and crew have the right idea.

  • J-Dub April 19, 2011, 6:17 pm

    this is so freakin bad ass. foo fighters forever!!