Jamband moe. Does “Crab Eyes” on the iPad

At the 12th annual moe.down festival over Labor Day weekend, moe. performed “Crab Eyes” using nothing but iPads and the GarageBand app. Well, okay,  they used five iPads, four of which were running standard instruments in the GarageBand app to play the guitar, bass, and drums parts, according to moe. guitarist Al Schnier. Percussionist Jim Loughin used a $2 app called Mallets to perform the song’s vibraphone parts.

The band just posted the video onto their YouTube page within the last week as a tribute to Steve Jobs. According to Macworld, the video was “compiled from various soundcheck takes and the live performance, with audio coming from a recording of the live show.”

“We simply used our headphone out jacks to direct inputs [to convert line level signals to mic level], which ran to our Digidesign consoles,” Schnier said in an email to Macworld. “We performed the song live and what you hear is a live matrix mix (stereo audience mix blended with a stereo soundboard mix). There are no overdubs, and this is one take, live.”

We’re in agreement with Schnier that it blows our minds people can do stuff like this. The iPad version of “Crab Eyes” sounds every bit as good as the one with instruments. And they say the iPad is for consumption and not creation. moe. must’ve not gotten that memo.

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