Jill Andrews, “The Mirror”

Jill Andrews used to be in the band The Everybodyfields. They were a little known, but beloved country band from Johnson City, TN. Then they broke up. She’s gone solo and that’s a good thing for music fans. Andrews has perhaps one of the best voices in all of music. If not the best.


Her debut solo album, The Mirror is a perfect example of that. Sure, there are a few clunker songs on the disc, but overall it’s a very, very strong effort and indicates that as a solo performer she’s someone people need to take notice of. The most surprising thing about the album is how un-country it sounds.

It’s a complete 180 from the work of her previous outfit.  

It’s a fairly polished pop-rock LP, with hints of Feist and even say, Kelly Clarkson, on it. The slight twang is still there, as evidenced by the first single, “The Mirror.” Which is strange just writing that. But you could imagine her catching a lucky break in a iPhone commercial or something and becoming a huge star.

The difference between Andrews and those other artists however, is how restrained Andrews is. She’s not showy, even if she could be. All of her songs and vocals feels like she’s holding back for the time being.

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