Jimmy Buffet Takes a Tumble

“It’s usually not a major story when a man in his 60s faceplants and has to be rushed to the hospital. But when that man is 64-year-old Jimmy Buffett, TMZ’s certainly going to be on the scene. On the final night of his four-night Sydney concert stand — his first shows in Australia in 20 years — Buffett fell off the stage and had to be rushed to St Vincent’s Hospital after laying unconscious for five or 10 minutes. The sold-out crowd was ushered out of the Hordern Pavilion.”  Luckily the singer is okay and in stable condition.

I’m sure there’s some sort of pun to be made with one of his songs, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet to suss this out.  It’ll come to me long after I’ve stopped thinking about Jimmy Buffet.

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