Modest Mouse Live in September 2001

Modest Mouse play a 25 minute set in September 2001 in front of Criminal Records in Atlanta. The songs they play are Paper Thin Walls, Third Planet, Trailer Trash, Lives, Diggin’ Holes (later released as an Ugly Casanova track) and I Came as a Rat.

Pretty amazing to see an entire set from the band at the apex of their creative juices. If any Modest Mouse fans want to talk about this we can, but I’m fairly confident that The Moon and Antarctica-era was when the band put it all together. They had the pop-sensibilities and hooks of their later years with the raw weirdness of their earlier albums. Sure, Lonesome Crowded West and This is a Long Drive … or even Everywhere and His Nasty Parlor Tricks might be better albums, but Moons is the one album that Modest Mouse fans and non-fans can all rally around.

What also makes this incredible is to see a band in the pre-YouTube era. We take for granted how every concert is automatically recorded and put on the Internet, but that didn’t happen inn 2001. That makes this pretty special. [via MeFi]

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