Morning Links

Let’s get the day started shall we? There’s a lot of random stuff to clean off the plate.

– Once you put on this ring from  Chao and Eero, you’ll have an emoticon built into your hand. [via]

– HBO greenlights a comedy pilot staring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the Vice President. It also has Anna Chlumsky and Tony Hale in it and comes from the clever mind of In the Loop’s Armando Iannucci

– Life Magazine looks at the Albert Einstein you didn’t know. I’m loving their historical photo sets more and more.

– I still don’t know what to make of KidZania, a new amusement park that lets kids play at corporate work environments.

Children can play surgeon, detective, journalist, courier, radio host, and dozens more jobs. They can buy and sell goods at the KidZania supermarket, take KidZania currency that they earn to an operational bank staffed with adult tellers, and be security guards escorting KidZania currency around the park. They can assemble burgers and pizzas, which they can then eat, or give makeovers to other paying children. At the planned KidZania Santiago, Chile, minors will be able to play at being miners. One-size-fits-all costumes supersize the cute factor. The result of all this is mass-produced adorability.

KidZania may seem like a Disneyland of child labor, but the photos and videos that parents have shared online show just how much fun everyone is having in the scaled down cityscape. Joy, wonder, and deep concentration are evident on these kids’ faces, whether they’re operating on robot dogs or constructing a 25-foot tower using hoists and harnesses—very appropriate for KidZania Dubai. It’s the sort of fun I would have lapped up as a child.


– Does anyone care that the 2011 Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday?

– Wow, I’m really digging the new Thao & Mirah record, which you can stream on NPR.

– Eric Leuliette has written copious notes on every book he has read since 1974, when his mother began doing it for him in first grade. Craisins.

– Oh boy, this should be good: “Cult American author James Frey’s new novel is both a work of art and a bombshell hurled at the religious right. It tackles the Second Coming of Jesus in modern America – with the promised Messiah enacting the deeds the religious right consider most wicked. He is, for example, an active bisexual who supports his prostitute girlfriend when she aborts her first child.”

– And finally, how awesome are these deleted scenes from Airplane! Never seen them before and they produced a few good chuckles.


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