Morning Music Links

A few music items that caught my eye.

1. Seattle’s The Head & The Heart released one of my favorite records last year and now that they’re signed with Sub Pop it seems like they’re getting to do things like make music videos. Here’s the latest for the stellar album opener, “Cats and Dogs.”

Seems like it’s an abbreviated version from the album track, but it’s still quite nice. My bad, I always forget that the transition from “Cats and Dogs” into “Coeur D’Alene” is a seamless one. Thanks to Sound on the Sound for the heads up!

2. Portugal. The Man was in Chicago and had their van and equipment stolen. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook they were able to help the police find the van and recover most of their equipment.

Portugal The Man’s latest album, In the Mountain in the Cloud, came out in July and it’s really good. Sounds heavily influenced by David Bowie, so how can you go wrong.

3. Noisy dropped in on Portland’s Wampire and described them accurately as “making pop anthems best experienced as someone else’s sweat threatens to mix with yours a thousand times over.”

Man I miss living in Portland. Their tour through Southeast sent pangs of sadness through my gut. That was my neighborhood.

4. The Dude, aka Jeff Bridges was on Colbert last night and performed his song, “Maybe I Missed the Point.” We abide.

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