Portland Cello Project, “All of the Lights” (Kanye West Cover)

If you live in Portland, chances are you’ve been to a Portland Cello Project concert, or have heard enough about them to be curious.  The gist is, the band, which consists of six or seven cello players, cover pop songs like Britney Spears or Beyonce or Jay-Z, etc.  They sprinkle in a few originals, but it’s pretty gnarly to see them deliver a cover of a well-liked song, or in some cases cover a not-so-liked song and turn it into something special.

Here, they cover Kanye West’s “All of the Lights.”  It’s one of the best, and hardest hitting songs on My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy. The drum breaks are stellar.  And Portland Cello Project does it justice.  Yes, they’ve added some timpani drums and a horn section, to beef up their sound, but wouldn’t you love to see Kanye bring down the arena with these guys as his backing band?

[via thehighdefinite]

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