Portland’s Satyricon gets the Documentary Treatment

Portland’s famed punk rock club, Satyricon, which closed on Halloween night in 2010, receives the documentary treatment courtesy of director Mike Lastra, of Northwest Passage fame.  For music nerds, the club is where Kurt Cobain met Courtney Love in 1991, where Dave Grohl played the first Foo Fighters show in 1994, etc.

“It’s safe to say very few 200-capacity clubs exert influence this profound and sustained on the underground and pop cultures of the nation and world. From a purely Portland perspective, however, Satyricon’s true significance might lie in its sheer survival,” writes Zach Dundas for the Willy Week.  “In 1984, there was no Pearl District, no River District, no Chinese Garden, no MAX. Instead of a sedate old folks’ home, Satyricon’s neighbors included a shady grocery store (later bombed) and a corner dive bar longtime Portlanders still remember with a shiver. Instead of Fellini, dolled-up rockers and living ghosts from Old Town’s street scene jostled around a gyros counter oh-so-accurately named Eat or Die.”

There’s no release date, yet, as the documentary is currently in post-production.  Here’s to hoping it’ll be available soon. It also makes me wonder why there aren’t more documentaries on the history of rock clubs. Might make for a good show on the Travel Channel.  [via endhits]

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