Raise Your Hand if You Saw This Coming

“So the precipitous decline in record sales in the past decade has hardly hurt DMB’s profitability: The band makes the bulk of its money touring anyway. And it makes a lot of money doing it. According to Billboard Boxscore, between 2000 and 2009, DMB sold more tickets to its shows than any other band on the planet, moving a staggering 11,230,696 tickets. (No other band sold more than 10 million tickets in the same time period.) In the aughts, DMB grossed more than $500 million from touring alone.”

It’s staggering to think that the Dave Matthews Band grossed $500 million from touring alone in the last decade.  Is it now time to consider them our generation’s Grateful Dead?  I’m not joking (in fact the second half of the article in Slate is a comparison of their business tactics to that of The Dead).  The band hasn’t released album of note since, what? 1997’s “Before These Crowded Streets”?  And yet, here we are 13 years later wondering how in the hell DMB raked in half a billion dollars in a decade where they didn’t seem to be all that popular.  [via @larkmcmillan]

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