Rare footage of The King: “I want him and I need him and I love him”

In 1956, Elvis Presley played a homecoming gig in Tupelo, Miss. for the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show.  He was The King of rock n’roll; in this footage of the show, dug up by Dangerous Minds, which is one of the few to be the actual audio of the concert with the actual video, even Elvis is hard to hear over the screams of the teenage girls.  

It’s riveting stuff, from a time when rock icons meant something.  

In the opening song, “Heartbreak Hotel,” at one point, Elvis can barely contain himself and starts to laugh.  Even he is surprised by the reception of the crowd, how his wobbly leg sent them into rapturous excitement. It’s like each time he moves his leg he’s shooting thoughts of sex and lust and titillation at them.

During the show a teenage girl bum-rushed the stage and just about knocked Elvis to the ground. When asked why she’d rushed the stage, she replied, “I want him and I need him and I love him.”  That’s pretty apt.  If someone ever asks what it was about Elvis Presley that made him so great, just show them this clip from 1956.  Also?  I still don’t get why Elvis had a guitar prop?  He never seems to play it.  Wouldn’t that just get in the way of his sweet dance moves?

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