Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, “I Swear”

Pop quiz: in the new video for Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside’s “I Swear,” which begins with a couple girls clad in ’50s-era skirts who sit down to watch the band perform on black-and-white TV and then time-travels through the decades, landing in the current one at a Portland house show, before finally zooming out to an iPhone on Hawthorne St., can you tell if you are really time travelling or just visiting Portland?

That’s a serious question? It’s funny how the current version of fashion in Portland doesn’t seem all that different from the stereotypical fashion staples from decade’s past.

“I Swear” is the album’s obvious first single, and aside from cherry-picking two of the best songs from the Not an Animal EP (“Danger” and “Write Me a Letter”), the new album is full of win. You know it’s a great album when your favorite song or what you think is the album’s strongest song changes with each listen.

Stream the very, very, very, excellent new album, Dirty Radio, from Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside on their website. Seriously, this album is definitely one of my top three from this year and will take some majorly good albums to knock it out of any end of year lists.

The debut album has gotten positive reviews so far.

The album is out now via Partisan Records. You can pick it up on Amazon for $9. Which is totally worth it.

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