Selene – A Hip-Hop EP Inspired by the Sci-Fi Flick “Moon”

Max Tannone, the DJ behind the remix projects Jaydiohead, Mos Dub, Dub Kweli and Doublecheck Your Head — a Beastie Boys remix — has teamed up with Richard Rich for a five-song EP inspired by the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon, which uses samples from the movie’s soundtrack.

It’s called SELENE, and is a 5 song hip-hop EP inspired by the 2009 sci-fi movie Moon (which you should definitely check out if you haven’t seen!) Using samples from the film’s original score, I teamed up with Brooklyn rap artist Richard Rich to explore themes like isolation, separation, self-realization, cloning and all kinds of craziness.

You can grab it for free here. So far, I’m digging it. Not as great as his Radiohead/Jay-Z experiment, but still pretty good for free music.

Selene, btw, was the Greek goddess of the moon.

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