Siamese Dream Girl is Now The Smashing Pumpkins Bass Player

This is perhaps the weirdest and coolest story of the day. It’s not really ironic, but it’s certainly a weird coincidence. The girl on the left side of the Smashing Pumpkins seminal album, Siamese Dream, the one wearing the fairy wings, is now the bass player for the band. Nicole Fiorentino became the band’s bass player in mid-2010 after auditioning.  She was a touring player for a little bit with the band after stints with Veruca Salt and Spinnerette.

Billy Corgan broke the news on Twitter. I’m sure there are a few good jokes about this development, but I’ve got nothing. The better story for me would be how in the hell did this happen? That’s some crazy karmic shit right there. [via kottke]

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