Snapshots from a rock ‘n’ roll marriage

Denise Grollmus, who was married to Patrick Kerney, drummer for Akron’s The Black Keys, writes openly about the dissolution of their marriage. This is at once beautiful (the writing) and painful to read. A lot of what Grollmus writes about could be about anyone’s marriage, it’s not just endemic to being married to an unwitting rockstar.

Of course, nothing really changed, because nothing really does. Patrick started touring even more. I started drinking even more. And our fights only grew worse. There was beer thrown. I put a fist through a window. We crashed on the floors of friends’ houses after long, drunken battles that would carry on into the wee hours of the morning. Our friends started to believe it was simply our strange form of foreplay.

Then, one night, I couldn’t keep it in anymore. It should have been an idyllic night. Pat was home from tour. We’d just spent the day grocery shopping and setting up our Christmas tree. It was only four months after we’d gotten married. Things were supposed to be different. “Patrick,” I said. “I have to tell you something.”

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