Stream: The Antlers’ New Album “Burst Apart”

NPR has a first listen to the new record from The Antlers. “Burst Apart” is remarkably different from the bands first album, which was excellent but a bit of a downer.

Two years after Hospice transformed The Antlers’ world, the Brooklyn band’s three affable, unassuming members faced the daunting task of producing a worthy sequel.

“There was, of course, a feeling of pressure to follow up a record that people have a really strong attachment to,” Antlers frontman Peter Silberman says. “Knowing that it would be impossible to make everyone happy, and learning to be okay with that, we intentionally went into this record without a map and let the songs grow organically.”

Fortunately for The Antlers, this unscripted approach worked. While Hospice was a carefully plotted album with a unifying theme — Silberman’s elegy to a dying friend — the new Burst Apart is a collection of discrete songs that sound great together but aren’t bound by a particular concept.

“I tend to think of the songs on Burst Apart as being a picture of a period of time in my life,” Silberman says. “Less like one story and more like a change in a way of thinking over time. It begins in a pretty negative, anxious place, at arm’s length — and as it progresses, it becomes warmer and more trusting.”

“Burst Apart” is out May 10th and it’s a great spring record. Kind of wish this one had come out in early April as the winter began to recede and the blooms on the trees started to fill in. While Hospice indeed is a great record, it’s not one that I’ll listen to all that much. It’s a hard record to listen to. This new one, however, is a bit uplifting and sounds great on first pass.

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