Support the Ruffled Feathers Kickstarter to Fund Their Debut Album

I’ve written about Vancouver’s The Ruffled Feathers twice now, saying they are “a sublimely great orchestral pop band” and that the band is very good at writing catchy, pop songs that are “unexpected and interesting” in their composition.

That’s why I couldn’t be any more excited to implore you guys to donate some money to their Kickstarter effort to raise funds for the recording of their debut album. You can pledge anywhere from $1 to $1000 (times are tough but $10 [the price of a good six-pack of beer] will get you a digital download of the album and enjoyment for years to come no doubt). Currently, the band is trying to raise $3500 and have just 22 days to raise the remaining $1500.

Let’s make it happen! Right now I’m wishing I had $1000 to spare so I could donate it and get a yoga lesson from Gina or have her sing me “happy birthday.” Not that I’ve given that a great deal of thought.

How could you not want to kick them $10 after hearing songs like that?!?

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