The Builders and the Butchers, “Lullaby”

Portland’s The Builders and the Butchers have crafted a pastiche sound from disparate genres like folk, gospel, celtic folk, bluegrass, punk that somehow works because of Ryan Sollee’s crooning warble.

The new video for first single “Lullaby” sees the group minor familiar sonic territory, while the video mimics classic 80s horror movie tropes.

“During the first day of shooting, I had to go to the bank in full makeup, in which about half of my ear had been cut off and dried blood was running down my face. I was really worried about how folks would react. I ended up being in a long line in the bank and stood there for about 15 minutes,” Sollee recounted. “Folks were visibly nervous, but nobody said a thing to me, including the teller — she just tried to get my business at the bank done as soon as possible. It really made me worry — what if I had really been hurt?”

The new album, Dead Reckoning, is out now, and if I’m correct, today they are embarking on a busking tour throughout the Rose City.

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