The Decemberists Offer Up a New Tune, “The Great Outdoors” to Yo Gabba Gabba

The Decemberists, who have made the leap with the excellent and Billboard #1 album, The King is Dead, have offered up a new song for the Nick Jr. show Yo Gabba Gabba!. It’s called “The Great Outdoors” and though the band doesn’t appear in the animated clip, it’s still a nice thing to share with the little tykes.

Animals share the Earth with us too guys, as Colin Meloy is so kind to point out.  And even if this serves as nothing more than a whimsical lesson in the various animals breeds around the world that’s great. But, if it leads to your kid wanting to know what The Decemberist Revolt in Russia was, or what pantaloons are, or even any of those other high-falutin’ words Meloy uses then so be it.

Playing for the little kids is not new territory for the band, as they’ve participated in the Who You Series of variety shows in Portland. Actually, it was founded by Chris Funk, guitarist for The Decemberists.  [via P4K]

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