The Fruit Bats, “You’re Too Weird”

The Fruit Bats, who have changed up their lineup yet again (after finding a great one during The Ruminant Band-era) due partially to the rhythm section (Ron Lewis and Graeme Gibson) departing for The Shins full-time. Anyway, the new album from Eric Johnson and co., Tripper came out on August 2nd.

I haven’t given it a listen yet, but Johnson have really disappointed and he’s matured into a songwriter of great depth while writing tightly constructed pop/rock songs. Hopefully that continues for a fifth time.

The song is great, the video is a purposefully weird take on bad 80s videos. At the same time, I can’t help but think Eric looks like Shawn from USA’s Psych and now that the bassplayer is black, this video is weirding me out because it feels like something Shawn and Gus would do as a joke. [via Subpop Records]

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