The Gaslight Anthem Feat. Bruce Springsteen, “American Slang”

New Jersey’s Gaslight Anthem owe a huge debt of influence to The Boss. You can practically hear in their music. During the band’s holiday show in Asbury Park, NJ on December 9th, none other than Bruce Springsteen stopped by to join the band on their tune “America Slang.”

By my account, these are the two best things to come out of New Jersey, musically speaking of course, in a long time. Along with Titus Andronicus. Actually, Dirty Jersey has a strong musical legacy. I take back everything I ever said about the state.

As a bonus, they also covered The Who’s “Baba O’Riley,” which is absolutely one of the greatest songs ever. No matter how many times I hear it, or who’s covering it, this song sends me into a rapturous state of glee.

[via Heather]

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