The Ruffled Feathers, “Blueprints for Our Failed Revolution”

Another excellent track from Vancouver’s sublimely great orchestral pop band The Ruffled Feathers (previously). There’s something about the harmony between their use of piano and the female’s ethereal voice. And oh boy, when that trumpet kicks in, yowzahs.

The hardest thing in music is writing a well structured pop song that is also interesting and unexpected. The Ruffled Feathers are very good at doing just that. Feels like they’re going to have a long future ahead of them.

“The real message of this song is one of optimism and perseverance in the face of defeat. This is the sentiment the video seeks to capture,” writes band member Charley Wu. I sort of like that. You can read more about the inspiration for the song and the making of the video on their website.

Word is the band is attempting to swing down to Portland, Ore. this summer to record their debut album, which they hope to have out this September. Makes me wish I was still in Portland.

Mp3: The Ruffled Feathers – “Blueprints For Our Failed Revolution”

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