The Thermals, “I Don’t Believe You” on George Lopez

There is something of a disconnect about the thought of Portland punk rock band The Thermals swinging by George Lopez’s late night show for a performance of “I Don’t Believe You” from their 2010 album Personal Life.

No, seriously.

I get why Hutch and Kathy would agree to play, because exposure and all that is a awesome thing for this consistently great band. It’s just I would expect them to play Jimmy Fallon or maybe show up at the Colbert Report. Is the booking agent for George Lopez that awesome? I need answers! Especially considering that next week’s guests include Taylor Momsen, Jamie Foxx, 50 Cent, and OK GO. One of these things is very clearly not like the others.

Mp3:The Thermals – “I Don’t Believe You”

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