Those Darlins, “Be Your Bro”

Nashville’s Those Darlins sound like they belong on a Tarantino soundtrack. Which is a different sound altogether, than what one may find on say, a Wes Anderson soundtrack. There is something dangerously playful about Those Darlins’ brand of honkytonkgaragepunk.

On the first single off their new album, Screws Get Loose dropping March 29, they tackle the age old dilemma of boy and girls being capable of friendship. “I just wanna run and play in the dirt with you. You just wanna stick it in,” sings frontwoman Jessi Darlin.¬† The song’s narrator wants to have fun and be an unnamed boys brother — doing typical juvenile dude things — while the boy is unabashedly trying to fuck.

And it’s coy, but the bluntness of the song, makes it a bit dangerous. A bit too truthful.

[via spin]

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