Trey Anastasio Band, “Hey Ya! (acoustic OutKast cover)”

First off, this video of Trey Anastasio covering the beloved Outkast tune “Hey Ya!” at a recent concert in Portland, Maine brings two thoughts to mind immediately. First, it’s sort of boring and unexciting when a white folksy dude covers a rap song (how come we don’t get more covers the other way, which would be infinitely more interesting to talk about if say, Outkast covered a Phish song, no?) and secondly, it’s nice to see Trey back from his opiate-induced stupor.

There’s something in this performance where Trey is just happy to be playing music and having fun, doing what he loved. It’s goofy and trivial and certainly not worth me spending 100 words writing about it, but there’s something vital and downright giddy about it and anyone who’s spent any amount of time following Phish of dancing their asses off at one of their concerts can certainly appreciate the vigor on display here.

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