Village Voice Names Anonymous Twitter Account Music Critic of the Year

Interesting: “New York cultural periodical the Village Voice has named @discographies, an anonymous Twitter account that publishes 140-character reviews of the life work of musicians and bands, as its music critic of the year.”

And though it would be very easy to poke fun at this, what the @discographies account does is not unlike many other music critics — they curate, illuminate and inform all with amazing brevity.

“Since we’re now at a point where it costs virtually nothing to acquire and store someone’s life work the one truly valuable commodity that still surrounds music consumption is the expenditure of time necessary to hear all the stuff you’ve downloaded.If our hypothetical 15 year old has just BitTorrented Neil Young’s entire corpus of work onto her computer, she’ll probably be a lot happier if the first album she plays isn’t Old Ways, but who’s going to tell her that? That’s where I see @Discographies as having real utility above and beyond whatever entertainment value it may possess. If I can steer just one person away fromThis Note’s For You and towards Tonight’s The Night, it will all have been worthwhile.”

It’s a pretty clever account and writing paragraphs shouldn’t be a prerequisite for journalism.

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