Weezer Covers “Paranoid Android”

As Kottke notes, depending on how you feel about either Weezer or Radiohead, “his is either the best thing in the world or nails on a chalkboard.”

As a longtime Weezer apologist, who’s given up hope that Rivers Cuomo and Co. will ever put out anything resembling the glorious Blue Album/Pinkerton twofer, and someone who thinks that OK Computer is the apex for Radiohead, well, this is a tough video to watch.

Like a lot of recent Weezer tunes, this cover hits all the rights notes, but somehow manages to capture none of the song’s emotional grace notes. The biggest difference between the Weezer version and the Radiohead version comes at the tail end of the song as both the lyrics and the melody are building to this menacing denouement.

Thom Yorke begins to snarl, “God loves his children, God loves his children.” It’s fucking terrifying, because in the bleak world of OK Computer there probably isn’t a God and if there is one, well, he certainly doesn’t love his children. There is no comfort in this world. The guitars begin to snarl and it all feels like getting anally probed by an vicious alien.

There’s none of those emotional grace notes in the Weezer version. It’s like music-by-numbers with everything they do now.

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