Weezer’s State Farm is There Cover

What does it say about Rivers Cuomo and company that the best song they’ve recorded in a decade is a cover of the “State Farm is There” song for a commercial? It’s an honest question that I don’t have an answer for. One the one hand, Weezer makes the State Farm theme sound pretty awesome and in a crass manner, I’m pumped to go out and buy some insurance (not really, obviously). On the other hand, Weezer schilling for State Farm is a new low, right?

In one fell swoop, Cuomo has done the impossible — he’s further ruined my love for The Blue Album and Pinkerton, more so than he has with any of the shitty albums he’s released since Maladroit.

And yet, because this is the best work he’s done in a decade, my mind immediately says, well shit, I can live with him selling out this badly if it means he’ll release some decent fucking material. No other artist has sullied his reputation more than Rivers Cuomo.  If he stopped recording after Pinkerton he’s esteemed in the same breath as Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel. He’s a legend.

However you feel about Kurt Cobain’s death, at least he had the good fortune to never suck so horrendously and so crassly. Thank you Rivers Cuomo for dropping a hot charlie all over my childhood.  I’m not even angry, I’m just impressed.

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  • Donnie February 13, 2011, 9:01 am

    Doesn't matter who wrote the song. This is unmistakably a Weezer song, and a good one at that. James, I think you're wrong in your assessment of river's and his career. There is no doubt that the music he's made since Pinkerton has all sucked, totally agree. But, he's never tried to pretend that he was doing anything but having fun, since Pinkerton. I have to assume that he's not an idiot, harvard and all, and that in fact he's probably quite calculating. I saw that a few years back he played some random record store alone and sang with all the kids who brought their instruments, covering all the good songs. He seemed genuinely eager to play them with the crowd. Which means he doesn't really hate them as much as he says. The commercial failure of Pinkerton struck such a blow, to a guy who clearly aims for chart topping success, that he felt he had to abandon it in every possible way. Literally denouncing it as garbage and apologizing for it – first step to alienating his core fanbase, which is kind of a misnomer anyway, because his fanbase in his head seems to be based on finance.
    This state farm song is right in line with the way people wish Weezer sounded, again. Why do you think he'd give such a retarded jingle this treatment? It's a calculated nod. I really believe that. He seems to be saying," guess what, I'm the same guy who wrote all those brilliant songs, remember that?" At the same time making a boatload of money. The term sellout doesn't really apply like it did in the 90's. Back then album sales were high enough to allow even mid-level bands to quit their jobs and do music full time. Nowadays if you can make 50K on a commercial you'd be an idiot not to. There is just no other way to make a decent living and support a 5 person band without sleeping on couches anymore. Obviously this doesn't apply to weezer, but they know that drill. It doesn't matter what they do. River's will write another "radio hit" and piss it out on an equally retardedly named album and move on. This shouldn't effect how you feel about the past albums. They're still great. They exist in their time and the music hasn't changed. The beatles didn't start sucking when Paul created Wings.
    thanks for bringing the video to our attention

    • jamesfurbush February 13, 2011, 11:56 am

      Donnie, I totally agree with all those sentiments. And you're right about the notion of "selling out" no longer applying in today's music business. I guess what really made me sad about hearing Rivers's version of the state farm song was that it reminded me of a time when Weezer was really really good. And I think, well why haven't they done something this good on any of their previous three records. It's just a strange disconnect. Still, Pinkerton and The Blue Album will always be desert island albums for me.

  • joe riggs February 10, 2011, 4:37 pm

    Wasnt this song was written by Barry Manilow?