Down Home Music: A Journey Through the Heartland 1963

If you have an hour to spare this weekend, and you’re really into music and/or documentaries, then you need to check out this German TV piece about American roots music from 1963. The film was directed by Dietrich Wawzyn and shot in gorgeous black and white. It takes us to the roadhouses, churches, pool halls and streets of the American south where a musical stew of blues, jazz, gospel, and rock and roll was being brewed.

“If one were to look for the spiritual core of the USA, direct your eyes and ears to the music and artists presented in this film,” writes Dangerous Minds’ Marc Campbell. He’s absolutely right on that front.

If there were a Venn diagram of things I love, this movie would fall right in the overlapping space of documentaries, roots music, and the American south.

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