Jake Gyllenhaal Murders Dancing Hipsters

Do you have eight minutes to spare on your next lunch break? Yes? Good. Then settle in to watch The Shoes’ “Time to Dance,” as described by the official video:

Combine the best band in France right now, acclaimed director Daniel Wolfe, production by Somesuch & Co, and one of the hottest young actors on the planet and you’re sure to get a banging filmclip.

We scored the world premiere of The Shoes newest video which features Jake Gyllenhaal as a disturbed killing machine who chases his victims up fire escapes, into back alleys, and through strip clubs before he violently slays them.

Maske puts it best: “There’s definitely a distinct Donnie Darko meets American Psycho meets Taxi Driver meets French dance pop meets Brokeback Mountain vibe going on. And I think I’m correct in assuming the moral of the story is don’t dance like an entitled white person. Or Jake Gyllenhaal will kill you.”

The unintentional (?) comedy is off the charts with this one. On the flip side, if I were a Hollywood studio executive all coked up and some agent tried to sell me a movie described as “Donnie Darko meets American Psycho meets Brokeback Mountain” I’d greenlight that shit in a heartbeat.

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