Josh Ritter, “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home”

Josh Ritter has released three albums to date and established himself as one of this generations great singer-songwriters. Ritter just released a new EP and the first single debuted as a video for ETSY. Now, you might wonder why a video would debut on a website that sells crafts, but once you see the video you’ll understand.

The stop-motion animation for “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home” uses photographs culled from over 12,000 pieces of construction paper to animate a nighttime drive. A team of nearly twenty artists, editors, directors and product assistants ushered the video into being. The group started with storyboarding and computer animation before converting the digital graphics to paper cutouts (frame by frame), photographing those 12,000 cutouts and then stitching them together into four minutes of paper animation. As production designer Sam Cohen said, “We had to determine ahead of time which images to cut as positives or negatives, how to anchor the cutouts to the paper frame that surrounds it so the pieces wouldn’t fall out, as well as a host of other problems. It was definitely the most labor intensive video we’ve been a part of.”

In addition to the video premiere of “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home,” Ritter has teamed up with Etsy to open a shop. The artists behind the video have created a limited run of screenprinted posters based on a selection of frames. Each poster will include one of the die-cut construction paper cut-outs, as well as an mp3 of “Love Is Making Its Way Back Home.”

Ritter’s new EP, Bringing in the Darlings is out today on iTunes and in indie record stores near you.

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